Thursday, March 16, 2006

My SCOTUS conspiracy theory

Before I get to my conspiracy theory....are you kidding me? A sitting SCOTUS justice gives a speech a month ago in South Africa in which she gives relevance to foreign law and court decisions to interpretation of the American Constitution? WHAT? What political correctness is to political views this is to our constitution and governing law! I read Ginsburg's speech on the SCOTUS website and have to agree with John at Powerline, where I found this story, who says of Ginsburg's unbelievable speech: "I've tried to be measured in this critique of Ginsburg's speech, but the truth is that it is more reprehensible than I have suggested. You really have to read it to appreciate how far removed it is from American laws and traditions, and how demagogic it is in both tone and substance. " This is so bizarre to me, that a justice of the SCOTUS could take this position, that I will assume that the looney left will come up with the theory this is a Carl Rove plot! You know, some Manchurian Candidate sort of operation to get Ginsburg impeached by programming her to run off the reservation! It's also obvious that this is yet another example of MSM bias. This is the first I have heard of this and you know that most outlets would monitor SCOTUS justice activities and website posting daily! This was posted on Feb 7 and since the politically correct left leaning internationalist US media would agree with Ginsburg they think this departure from American law and tradition isn't news!

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