Thursday, March 16, 2006

Clooney vs. Huffington

First, why anybody pays attention to either of these pseudo enlightened media whores is beyond me! But if we have to hear, and see, these two can we at least see them fight it out in the Octagon! I mean, I use to watch the UFC fights frequently when it was one of the few things on HDTV, but its become boring....however I would tune in if these two got in the ring! Come on, Clooney is a decent looking (ya, I can say that about a man) guy who can memorize and read lines and make you think their his own actor...big deal...his opinion on anything other than the movie he's in is no more interesting than the ticket taker at the local I don't need to see it on tv or read it anywhere. As for Huffington, she's worse...her current vocation is hobnobbing with Hollywood elite and running a political blog, which has no credibility as a source of enlightened views since her political experts are Hollywood and entertainment veterans. Just read the bio's on her front page of the regular contributors. My opinion is no more valid than theirs, but I don't have major news outlets quoting me either. These people are as disconnected as the blowhards in DC!

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