Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday Speed Blogging

I sure like how Chief Justice Roberts is dealing with the ability of military recruiters to recruit on college/law school campus (else don't take federal aide).

Howard Dean, a traitor to our country but hopefully not Democrats (please back this mad man, it will be your demise!)

You gotta love that anti-war activists are going to hound Hillary! Will she now pull a Kerry-esque flip-flop?

And speaking of Kerry....he's still playing the same game he played when he showed his lack of stripes during his Vietnam protest days....LOSER!

Oh, and this is rich...the supposed secrete prisons in Europe, where prisoner torture is alleged, have caused such an uproar that Washington reported to have moved prisoners to North Africa. All this ahead of Condi's visit to Germany...as if she was going to stumble on the secrete prisons that the Bush hating press hasn't been able to find. I love this kind of HIGH QUALITY story where anonymous sources are quoted and "media reports have revealed"..boy these guys sure set the bar high don't they!

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