Saturday, December 31, 2005


I was reading Malkin's blog this morning and ran across a post about a liberal political cartoonist named Mike Luckovich. You see back in October Mike did a cartoon by using the names of the then 2000 Americans killed in Iraq to form the word WHY as an obvious anti-war image. Then comes Danielle Ansley (17) who after seeing the WHY cartoon daily, as her mother had cut it out of the paper and put it on the refrigerator, created a response. I have to give it to Luckovich who put the response on his own blog and that he didn't delete the comment on his blog that sums things up best on this: "Is this only sad to me, that ML asks a question ‘WHY’ and the 17 year old, Danielle, knows the obvious answer, FREEDOM. Of course, Danielle, is not blinded by bias."

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