Thursday, December 22, 2005

Left Paranoia

The NSA story continues to have legs beyond any legal questions. The left is, of course, always convinced that a Republican administration has no noble effort when they use the FBI, CIA, NSA and military for anything. There is always a conspiracy! Bush really isn't trying to prevent the next 9/11, he is instead trying to find out what ordinary citizens (that have a tie to a known terrorist) are talking about. Ya, sure that makes sense! So, to try to convince those who don't fully understand what we must do to properly fight this war, the media likes to throw out "parallels" or "echoes"! Like this "phone-spying program has disturbing echoes of arguments once used by South AfricaƂ’s apartheid regime" piece. Ya, and Iraq parallels Vietnam, or the NSA spying echoes Hitler's Nazi Germany and so on. If you have actual evidence of wrong doing or why an approach to a problem is wrong present it on it's face value. Trying to attach some other unrelated negative event or person to your argument weakens, not strengthens, it.

Update, some informed points on the NSA and the Patriot Act I found on Hewitt's blog by a former FBI profiler that support my view.

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