Monday, December 12, 2005

Beware parents of would be law students

If you have a high school child who's bent (even with what I hope was your considerable effort to dissuade) on going to law school, it would be prudent to look up which law schools were part of the recent Rumsfeld vs. FAIR debacle. If you've not been paying attention this was the case recently heard by SCOTUS where law schools would not like to have military recruiters on compass. Of course the government correctly made a big thing called government funding tied to free (and equal) access by said recruiters. And thus the case before SCOTUS. FAIR claims that the military's "don't ask, don't tell" gay stance is why they don't want to give recruiters access. But frankly I find this hard to believe. Are the 36 law schools that support FAIR riddled with gay staff and students? Is the gay lobby really this powerful that they have 36 very large universities doing their bidding? (well, maybe yes on that one) I think this is fueled by the university elite who are overwhelmingly anti-war and anti-military irregardless of the circumstance. I have not heard this put forward by others, but it would interesting to see or hear about some of the meetings that go on inside of FAIR.

So, if I were you I would give one last try at talking your child out of becoming a shyster...if that fails make sure the law school they choose isn't part of the group supporting FAIR. That group seems to be clueless about finding a good litigator or a good legal strategy!

FAIR = Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights
SCOTUS = Supreme Court of the United States


Anonymous said...

Tiny... I'm totally confused as to how this relates to being a lawyer? Many states and school boards have banned recruiters from high schools. Would you pull your kid from high school because of that? (Please say no.) If you have another reason to dislike lawyers (admittedly there are many) I could understand that. But, this isn't a great argument. The students don't dictate the policy of the school.

Tiny said...

anonymous you are confused, this isn't an anti-lawyer post and if you don't understand the thrust of the post you're beyond my help.