Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie, Tookie, Electrocutey!

Let me add my 2 cents to Splash2's post below. The electric chair isn't in the picture but Tookie is to be put to death by lethal injection. While I'm thrilled that Arnold did the right thing (albeit after the crazy leftist 9th Circuit U.S.CA said it wouldn't intervene) in not granting clemency this is sad day. Not because Tookie will meet his maker. But because it's taken 26 years to carry out a death sentence, and that it will be done by a so called "humane" method of lethal injection. The anti-death penalty crowd says the death penalty is not a duh! The way we implement it it's like putting your 30 year son in a time out for hitting his sister when he was 5. Justice for these animals needs to be swift and scary. It's time we had a 1 year window of appeal from the date and time of conviction in death penalty cases. And the electric chair should be put back in action.

Frankly I don't care if the inmates in the prison system have riots after midnight tonight...let em hurt each other. It will however be sad if the poor sections of cities like LA see black instigated violence. It will not help the case of those who claim the poor black community isn't to blame for their lot in life if a subset of that group commits violent acts in protest of the death sentence of a murderer of 4 innocent people.


Anonymous said...

You're pro-death penalty? That's fine. I can see, though I don't agree with the position, and I respect it's the law of the land. But does it give you any pause to see the way we mete out punishment in such a haphazard manner? Don't get me wrong. I really do respect your position. But if we're going to basically decide to sacrifice precision and "fair-mindedness" (I'm making fun of the idea, not your opinion), why don't we kill all life-sentenced prisoners?
If we don't really believe these guys can be redeemed, why wouldn't you advocate executing all of them. Again, a serious question and I'd appreciate a serious answer.

Tiny said...

No I wouldn't promote putting to death every inmate in for life. Many have life sentences because they have shown they are habitual criminals, for some it's the punishment fitting the crime. However, for murder and violent crimes especially when the details of that crime are heinous I would give them swift death. Do some homework my anonymous confused friend. In countries where they're more expedient and less humane in the method used the death penalty is without question a deterrent.