Monday, December 19, 2005

Political Amnesia or Hypocrisy?

Gee, have any of those rule-of-law Democrats who cried for heads to roll for the outing of not-so-secrete secret agent Valerie Plame asked for the same in the case of the NSA's program to eavesdrop on dozens of Al-Qaida linked targets leaked to the NYTimes? Of course not, and I even bet if you ask one of them they will argue that the Plame joke is as serious as the NSA program! Of course they want the President to explain the eavesdropping program and its legality. They however don't seem to care about an NSA leak or that a dozen times top members of both parties were briefed on the program. If anyone who was briefed those twelve times thought a law was broken wasn't it their duty to expose it? The democrats take positions and lob criticism purely based on political winds...there are so few in that party who are not overtly hypocritical or show a consistent core set of beliefs...good God!

Update: Let's see what happens when a few folks are killed or maimed with stolen high tech plastic explosives...I bet the general public will be happy to give up a few so called civil liberties then!

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