Wednesday, December 21, 2005

RNC versus DNC, which looks good to you?

In hearing that Howard Dean put out an email letter to donkey supporters I had to check the DNC website. Wow, just go there and contrast it with the front page of the RNC website! The energy the DNC site spends on attacking others is amazing. Their site is full of "Bush lies", "Republicans are corrupt", and the like. No matter where you navigate around the DNC site you will find the overwhelming focus is on attacking people (being Bush and republicans) as opposed to offering up solutions to deal with issues. The comparison is telling. It's also interesting that the DNC has a People link, and page, on their home page. Under it are sections for African Americans, Asian, Pacific Islanders, Disability Community (doesn't this mean all dems?), Hispanics, GLBT community (I had to look this up, are you kidding me?), several others and oh yes...Women. Ok, now visit anyone of these and it's just more about how Bush, or some other GOP agent, is doing your particular group wrong. I like how in the African American (read BLACK) section are stories about how Bush or the administration has done poorly responding to Katrina. So the DNC is saying Kartina is a BLACK issue? And, what if you're a Women Transexual do you visit the GLBT page or the Women page? Both parties should treat all those who align with their philosophy, or even don't, the same. You Democrats must be so proud of your leadership's divisive, hateful, separatist, finger pointing and inability to except that Bush is your president.

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