Saturday, December 17, 2005

To secure, or not to secure?

If things continue to improve in Iraq and we draw down troop levels as Iraqi's take over their security the Dems will suffer dramatically in the mid term elections next year. The divide on making our country secure between the left and right has become as polarizing as say abortion or the death penalty. So while the House passed tougher immigration legislation the Dems then block extension of the Patriot Act. The Dems get all fired up when maybe the Quran is flushed, or terror suspects are made uncomfortable, and so it will be interesting to see who denounces Bush's ordering eavesdropping of a few dozen people of interest shortly after 9/11 without a court order. You would think the result of poor intelligence (Iraq) would improve support for our ability to gather intelligence (Patriot Act and yes secret eavesdropping). Music concerts I attended 25 years ago had clothing searches for bottles, and such, prior to entry. Fast forward to today and civil libertarians are suddenly up in arms (NFL entry searches) when the old alcohol search is labeled as anti-terrorism security. It's sad that a tragedy like a suicide bombing at a large ACLU gathering probably wouldn't convince the civil rights all costs crowd that their stance on homeland security in general is wrong.

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