Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Iran's Terrorist Nuclear President

Probably the most dreaded terrorist act would be the detonation of a nuclear device in a populated city. Some suggest this is difficult because; there really is no such thing as a suitcase size nuke, very technical skills are required to prepare and detonate a nuke, the nukes out of the old U.S.S.R are old and crusty and unlikely to work, and so on. But with North Korea and Iran having nuclear programs to build a device and add their ability to deliver it conventionally (i.e. by rocket or missile) and we should be very concerned. Now, the terrorist President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (shown here in a 1979 photo where he participated in the American embassy hostage taking) is stepping up the crazy talk. His latest is to Holocaust is a myth. I can't figure out if this guy is taunting Israel, Germany, the U.S. into a fight or he is just looney.

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Anonymous said...

This clown is definitely looking to start something. He's blaming the US for the Iranian military aircraft that crashed into that building. We're not selling him parts for the US made aircraft. But he's okay with the Iranian aircraft mechanics that gave the thumbs up to fly the plane with faulty parts? And their ineptness is our problem, how?

He's got him mobs screaming "Death to America", he wants Israel wiped off the map, and the Holocaust never happened. What the "F" are the Germans doing even entertaining these freaking idiots.

Yeah, give this man nuclear capability please. Just so we can justify wiping his sorry sandy ass off the map!