Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tiny's Death Penalty Clemency Plan

With the hopefully impending execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams in 2 weeks I felt it necessary to show I have some compassion. So I have come up with my plan that would allow clemency for a death row inmate. It's very simple, the inmate, in order to receive a second chance at life must meet the following four (all four) requirements and their sentence will be commuted to life in prison without parole.
  1. The cost of the police work, prosecution/trial and incarceration (every single cost associated with their prison stay) to date must be paid in full to those who incurred these costs.
  2. A monthly fee for the continued incarceration costs for the life of the inmate must be paid to the state.
  3. All murder victims of the inmate must be brought back to life to get their second chance at life.
  4. All income the victims would have made since they were murdered multiplied times 10 needs to be paid immediately to each victim upon accomplishing #3.

This is the only fair plan as it attempts to compensate most who suffer from these murderers. It's interesting that these bleeding heart psycho liberals who march, protest, sit-in, etc. each and every pending execution spend no time at all on the victims! Any bets on how much time, or help, Jessie Jackson, Bianca Jagger, Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg, Mike Farrell, these two sick freaks in Marin, and the NAACP have spent with Tookie's victims? These are all Tookie supporters! If Tookie was truly a changed man he should say "That while I hope for clemency, my execution should serve as a message to our youth that can choose the right or wrong path. I have committed great sins including the creation of a still active street gang....I should pay for these mistakes and if that is by the termination of my life then I hope God will have mercy on me".

Update: Heard a caller to a talk radio show make an interesting comment...the caller was willing to bet that Buff & Cindy (the sicks freaks in Marin linked above) would be happy to escort their 13 year old grandaughter to get an abortion without telling her parents. How would they defend this duplicity?

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