Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Associated Press & CNN's anti-Americanism

Bias in reporting by the MSM is nothing new, but I think the AP actually manufactures stories into anti-American hit pieces. This week what appears to be gang violence on a Toronto street, busy with holiday shoppers, took the life of a 15 yr old girl and wounded 6 others. The AP story appears on the CNN website with the headline Canada blames U.S. for gun violence. The mayor of Toronto and the Canadian Prime Minister are quoted as blaming the U.S. for a surge in violence and the use of guns. The Mayor and Prime Minister have made such comments about the U.S. and guns, but I can't find it related to this 15 yr girls killing. They are comments made prior and in regard to a growing youth and gang violence problem in Canada. As you peruse the Canadian press you don't find that "Canada" blames the U.S., you find that a few politicians are making excuses for other root cause problems they have failed to deal with. Interesting coverage from the Canadian Free Press, The Globe and Mail, and the largest paper The Star. When you look at the Canadian news coverage, and reaction of Canadian citizens, you would never come up with the headline that CNN used or focus the story on blaming the U.S. for increased violence in Canada as the AP did...unless your purpose was to create an anti-American story.

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