Wednesday, March 16, 2005

There may yet be hope for Academia

Note that I say "may", but the meaningless "no confidence" vote put on by a collection of Harvard profs directed at the University President Lawrence H. Summers surely makes the duplicity of the socialist liberal faculty obvious. They can dish it out but can't take it! I can see why Summers' comments a while back would raise some ire but so do most of the passionate causes of hard core liberals with what? What a bunch of fake free speech loving traitors.....and the sooner we destroy the notion of tenure the completely destroys the effectiveness, commitment and passion for dispensing knowledge. Taranto of the WSJ blog has a great round-up on this Harvard folly. Even Harvard's own paper (Crimson) ripped these idiots with "The two non-binding motions, unique in Harvard's history, are largely symbolic gestures--only the Harvard Corporation, the University's top governing body, can force Summers to step down." In short, it was a show trial, both in procedure and in effect (that is, in the lack thereof). Fittingly, the venue for this vain display was the Loeb Drama Center.

I only hope exposure of the continued idiocy we see by our universities academics will start a wave of change. The college years are a pivotal time for most and its sad how many in a position to influence these young minds do so with hypocritical single mindedness.

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