Tuesday, March 08, 2005

And the crying continues......

You would think that the liberal constituents of Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrat disciples would be ticked off with all the time this crowd spends crying about how the party in power has the advantage instead of doing their job. I love the rhetoric she spews:

Republicans on the Rules Committee have intentionally "used emergency meeting procedures and late-night meetings . . . to discourage Members and the press from participating in the legislative process."

wa-wa-wa....so use the rules to fight back you idiots! Work late! And we didn't vote the press into a legislative position, we voted you all in...the press isn't suppose to be participating, only reporting!!!!!!!!!

And how about the hype in this statement, I'm sure the report will have some evidence rising to the level of the language Pelosi used when she says the report will document:

"devastating details of the profound abuse of power that characterizes House Republicans after 10 years in the majority."

REALLY? Devastating? Profound abuse of power? Give me a break!

Of course the liberal pseudo intellectuals probably think trying to discredit, disrupt and constantly work at displacing conservatives is the job of their liberal legislators. It's a shame since it's clear that partisanship is taking a front seat to good legislation, good presidential appointment approval and just coming to the table for the good of the country. Both sides need to compromise but the party not in the power position has to acquiesce more...that's just the nature of things....if the Dems don't get this and spend as much energy as it appears they might on being disruptive instead of getting anything done they will lose 50% of their base in '06 (I hope :))

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