Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Big Brother Run Amuck

I'm amazed by these cases where government or institutions are willing to spare no expense to protect those afflicted with suicide by jumping from high places. How reasonable people can sit around and think that they in fact are preventing a suicide or helping those with that intent is beyond me. I know, I can find someone who will say that the barrier on that bridge stopped me and they didn't look for another way...ya well good for them. This is more than likely just a way for those who own the high place (bridge, building, etc.) to try and remove any chance of litigation had someone had what we consider COMPLETELY NORMAL access to said high place and jumped. Lets spend all of our money and inconvenience the entire population to protect the infinitesimally small number among us who no longer wants to be among us! So, we have two f'd up problems here...those who don't want to hold individuals personally reasonable for their idiotic or suicidal actions and a tort happy society. If we can just get the right folks to off themselves we could probably solve both!

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