Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So, exactly which is the party of tolerance?

Just an interesting comparison of university hosted speeches by someone on the right (Ann Coulter) and someone on the left (Ward Churchill) that took place the other day. If you're not from the SF Bay Area (and so don't know why we call Berkeley the Peoples Republic Berkeley) you must read this article on Churchill's visit there....amazing! Churchills unchallenged by the left ideas and their being echoed by other academia brethran on the panel are scarey. I love how the title of these articles reflect the bias towards or against the speaker. Also amazing is that I saw no press on the fact that apparently the 20 yr old women who questioned the event being labeled as a "forum" since the panel and crowd was homogenous was herself heckled by the liberal nazi's (to steal a Churchill reference) in attendance. Got a love those free speech loving open minded liberals!

A favor: a friend who lives in the east bay who doesn't want to be lumped in with Berkeley suggested I change Peoples Republic of the East Bay to Peoples Republic of Berkeley, fair enough!

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