Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Jesse battles against his insignifcance!

It's pretty strange that Jesse Jackson seems to be inserting himself into two hot issues, Terry Schiavo and Michael Jackson (not that both should be hot!). Suddenly he is Michael Jackson's spiritual leader? And he shows up with Terry's parents with all the press quoting Terry's mother, Mary Schindler, as saying "I wanted the Reverend Jackson here for moral support"! What a crock...I don't believe for a second they invited him, I'll wager he lobbied (offered) his support (in the way of a visit and press conference). Can you point me to even one high profile case/issue involving a white person that Jackson was inserted into and did a press conference with those involved? This smells of publicity hounding after Jackson became nearly insignificant with the younger guard of the black community gaining ground (eg. Barack Obama). Jackson is a fraud as a reverend and is a racist who extorts money from corporations with his race bating threats. He, of course, has already socialized the race issue in the Michael (hide your grade school boys) Jackson's case. I suppose the Schindler's figure any publicity is good publicity but I wish they had turned him down.

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Ryan M Scott said...

I just wonder, where was Jesse Jackson for the first 11 days of Terri's starvation? Was he on vacation? If he really wanted to save her he would have been there earlier.