Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Did anybody think we needed a study to know that college faculties are overwhelmingly liberal? Of course not, why don't we do a study to see if the Carl's Jr double $6 burger is high in calories and fat (1360 cals, 96g fat in case you were wondering). Ok, but since we have the study published we can only hope that its gets some publicity and can be a catalyst for change. It's amazing to me that the intellectual college academics think they, and their schools, are part of an intellectually and culturally diverse environment that enrich the students! This couldn't be farther from the truth....those on the left side of the liberal pendulum are the most closed minded group in this country. One interesting stat, that was news to me, in this study was that there is a SERIOUS gender bias for full time faculty....72% men, 28% women...where is the uproar???????? Hahaha....don't practice what you preach you book worm jackasses!


Ryan M Scott said...

Well of course they are a diverse group of people, until a different point of view is put forward at which point they will try to stifle it.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Tiny. You have a point here - and I say this as a liberal. But, it's fairly clear that the right has a low opinion of academia and academics. So, this will naturally result in less right-leaning people going into academia. Until the right rallies around their Buckleys, Wills, etc in a meaningful way, this is inevitable.

It's like when women or African-Americans complain about the lack of representation in computer sciences. Indeed, there's some discrimination. But if women are less than 50% as likely to enroll in CS, that's a pretty strong first cause too.

So, my point is: if you want to fix this, you need to encourage your kids and their friends that they can be the change they want to see in academia. But that requires you to respect it as a legitimate career.

Tiny said...

anonymous....you're correct that in general the right has a low opionion of the academics themselves but NOT about education. In fact the right has been trying to change the educational systems at local and state levels for years. Until we can change the union-ized socialism of our K thru 12 schools and get rid of the idiotic protected class (tenure) of our colleges and universities we won't get different thinkers to become teachers. So you're imply I (or the right, ya generalizations are wrong most of the time anyway) don't respect it as a legitimate career...it's one of the most important jobs in our society. That's why I handsomely pay for my kids to go to private school where there are teachers I respect.

Anonymous said...

Fair points all, Tiny. I am just saying that at some level, the final change in higher education's academic circles would require smart rightwing people actually staying in that community.

I think there's two problems: 1) the feeling that the left dominates it. It's true. But tough. People have fought harder fights, so that's not a reason to give up on being a professor. 2) In my experience, rightwing people value "industry" more than academia regardless of the politics. I think that these two elements feed on each other and lead to an inevitable problem that you see here.

I'm not trying to disagree with you; just pointing out that your solution to the problem will entail more than pressuring the Universities. Individuals who think in different ideological ways need to be committed to that higher education path.