Tuesday, March 08, 2005

English is a bad language!

The Drudgereport puts a ridiculous headline (English linked to promiscuity in Hispanic teens) on a story of a study just released today that speaks to something called immigrant paradox, that Hispanics coming to the United States are healthier than second- and third-generation U.S. residents from the same countries. The study didn't in fact link speaking English to promiscuity! It did show that the students in the study who primarily speak English had sex at twice the rate of those who spoke primarily Spanish. So in idiotic fashion Drudge, and I'm sure others, will make either a headline or commentary about this study as if it's an indictment of our culture. As if this suggests to remain closer to their Hispanic culture would keep them more pure! Of course it never cross the minds of the academics who did this study that maybe the fact that speaking the local language better and frequently dramatically increased their social circle and thus the chances of a sexual encounter. Or, any number of other factors having better English skills would enable (getting a job, going to school, the knowledge that there is a better life outside of their community which could make them bitter, blah, blah)...but again all would increase their exposure to more people, and maybe more people with similar interests and thus hormones win out. Personal responsibility of both parents the kids themselves is the issue!

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