Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hump Day Roundup

This Terri Schiavo thing is a total circus....I frankly don't know what to believe....the save a life at all costs side has you believing Michael Schiavo has tried to choke and drug Terri, that he tried to make money of this situation, that his seeking companionship with a women while still married to Terri in her vegetative state is evil and so on. On the other side Michael Schiavo claims Terri stated she wouldn't want to live this way. Then the other side says it was only said in conversation while watching a movie. Terri's side also claims Terri is more aware than Michael or any doctor for that matter believe her to be. The whole thing is a sad mess.

Barry Bonds is the biggest baby on the planet....adding to his woes as the steroid in pro sports scandal continues the IRS is investigating him....his knee is messed up and his playing future is in comes out (because of the steroid thing) that he has had a mistress for years and he bought her a house.....he has always been an uncharismatic ass to the press....and he has a press conference to tell the press he is tired, has "jumped from the bridge", and it's all the press' fault. I'm sure the sympathy for him is universal...what an ass!

This countries pathetic political correctness enabled Brian Nichols to kill 4 when he easily took the gun from the court deputy during his rape trial. The fact that a 230 lbs menacing figure like Nichols wasn't cuffed and shackled and was guarded by a lone 5ft tall 51 year old grandmother says it all. Gee, such restraints on the prisoner might send the wrong message to the jury! And of course women can perform any job as well as a man. Wrong and wrong. If my house is on fire and my kids are upstairs I want burly men fire fighters....if my family is in danger from a some criminal element I want strong male police responding....when we executing special military ops, or have front line combat troops in harms way, or have para-rescue operations I want strong young men doing it....and not women because we all have to pretend we are equal and all able to perform any task at the same level...bullshit and it just cost more lives! Also interesting that nearly all media stories on this Brian Nichols mess fail to inform you that the overpowered officer was female or that the women who finally alerted police that Nichols was in her apartment had read the bible to him for hours which seem to have a calming effect on him.

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