Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Rice Alarms Status Quo Arabs

That's my headline as compared to Reuters who of course went searching for supposed "reformist" Arabs to speculate, guess and invent US and Israeli conspiracy theories based on an interview Rice did with the Washington Post last week. Reuters' headline was Rice Alarms Reformist Arabs with Stability Remarks....after reading the Reuters story then read the actual transcript of the interview....I think those who don't want change in this f'd up region of the world look to discredit Rice at every turn. Note the words of these yokels use that make their interpretive leap to suit their needs obvious; "suggesting a new US approach", "They seem to be supporting chaos and instability", "the great risks that Dr Rice suggests", "We see an emphasis on destruction and we see that Israel is willing to push Arab societies to the abyss without caring for stability. We suspect these ideas came from Israel,"

I think what Rice said makes sense....and much of it is not even in our control, she talked about what may happen all on its own just because people witness change elsewhere...and technology accelerates the ability to witness that change. These are comments from people who like the status quo. It's much like most US state public school systems.....gradual change towards how a private school or company is run will never happen...you need to completely blow up a "system" in some cases in order to catalyze measurable positive change.

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