Monday, January 16, 2006

Where's the outrage?

Tuesday at 12:01am 76 year old Clarence Ray Allen will be executed at San Quentin. If you were interested in attending the vigil in support of Mr. Allen getting a stay where you can rub elbows with Jesse Jackson, Mike Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg........well you can't. They aren't standing outside the gates for Clarence. Clarence is not black and didn't write a children's book. But like Tookie he was responsible for the death of 4 people (1 he murdered, 3 he had killed by a hit man while in prison). In looking for an image to put with this post I found out that some of the most successful rap/hip-hop stars where, or are, part of Death Row Records. It's amazing that black rap can reflect on prison, or death row, as if it's inevitable for them, or maybe it's a badge of honor? A white group using such caustic images and reference would be the equivalent of a skin head group. If you're black and on death row and about to meet your maker don't worry you will have plenty of celebrity pundits there asking for you to be spared. If you're black you also can freely promote and embrace that a criminal lifestyle is your destiny and not your fault....death row is in your future...the police are the enemy....and really you're innocent because your black. What an unbelievable bad message and horrible role models so many blacks in entertainment and professional sports portray. Not the original subject I wanted to cover, but I was motivated by a terrible record label name and image.

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