Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Grasping at Straws!

The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are grasping at straws! It's very clear that there is no smoking gun, or flaw, in Judge Alito's past or testimony that is going to rise to the level of supporting a filibuster. It's amazing that, for example, they say he's inconsistent! So he said he has an open minded on abortion, but he wouldn't echo the phrase Judge Roberts used on Roe v. Wade who called it "settled law". Alito referred to it as "an important precedent of the Supreme Court". That's not inconsistent with saying he has an open mind! Then there is his membership in a Princeton University group called CAP from 30 yrs ago....which he listed on an job application 20 years ago. CAP as a group, or maybe individuals of CAP (it's not clear) had some issue with women and minority enrollment at Princeton. The judge can't remember being a member, actively or otherwise. So people say why didn't he denounce CAP later? Why should he? He had no political aspirations. If he was member of a group AND actively participated in questionable activities, or views, then you have a good concern. Short of that it's like saying I'm a racist because it comes out that a coach of one little league team, where I also coach a team in the same league, won't allow blacks on his team.

There is clearly no grounds for a filibuster here, and to mount one will create a bigger rift between the parties which in the end will not achieve any political gain.

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