Friday, January 20, 2006

Racist Entertainment

All I can say is WOW. The hypocrisy of those who so easily play the race card when the supposed victim is black is off the charts. Today BET (Black Entertainment Television) posted an article so racist, so ridiculous that it defies explanation. In Global Warming Could Spell Disaster for Blacks you could assume BET is playing to their audience (which according to their website is a measured 78% black). According to BET global warming is a fact, and it's bad "especially for African Americans". And for those blacks that are contributing to that global warming at the same level as whites (of course whites are to blame the most) they have an excuse that is also my fault..I guess: "It has been ingrained in our heads that to be anything, you must have everything" says EJCC steering committee member Nia Robinson. "Because some of us have a big car and a nice house, people aren't seeing that racism still exists. But Katrina showed that racism is alive and well in America. Now that people have that idea, I think we're in a really critical stage to organize, educate and mobilize people." Of course it mentions President Bush, and he like all whites are culpable for all the woes of a black person, and on it goes. Where is the outrage at the white racism in this dribble?

But this is only part of the story. Many of the shows on BET are based on the very black stereotypes that those who claim black racism and discriminationnation is still a big issue dislike, or so you would think. BET also actively promotes what are shockingly bad role models for their mostly young audience. They have a 6 episode show called Countdown to Lockdown where you follow rap artist "Lil' Kim" get ready to go to jail as she was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice . Blacks are blacks worst enemy. The black entertainment industry doesn't ask their target audience to reach for more, to be good, to love family and their fellow man...the white man is evil, the government is evil and if you're evil too, well it's not your fault. You're a patheticthetic and hypocritical group that promote a color bias in our society.


Splash Two said...

I'd add a comment but I get the feeling it would be racist.

Anonymous said...

I understand your contempt for BET. I am a centrist and I hate BET. But don't mistake it for being even a large part of the black media voice. Much of the better elements of black music, literature, film, and television are highly critical of BET. As an analogy, BET is sorta like if Fox was the only depiction of "white society". White people would be super-embarassed by that. Anyway, there is a large, intelligent, culturally and politically diverse element in black entertainment that I fear you don't get to see because Bob Johnson so insanely took the whole race of his people into his company's name.

There's an excellent adult-oriented cartoon called the Boondocks that recently lambasted BET. The worst part about this type of entertainment is it doesn't challenge or even deal honestly with issues. It panders badly to the worst parts of people.

Funny, the recent Boondocks episode involved Martin Luther King actually having been in a coma and waking up in 2001. He has to evaluate where America and more specifically black culture has gotten to. It's quite funny and moving. And in the closing portion he says, "Black entertainment television is the WORST THING I've ever seen." Good stuff. And probably true. It's amazing, they run all day and night and there's no legitimate news organization. And although I think you don't much like rap/hiphop, there's quite a lot of good stuff but it sadly gets no airplay on BET.

Tiny said...

anonymous...while there maybe some decent rap or hip-hop the majority of what gets onto the radio, tv or in movies has no redeaming quality. The negative association with rap and hip-hop seems so pervasive (stars involved in shootings, murder, drugs, beatings, going to jail, parties they attend with violence braking out, the lyrics embracing crime and hate, etc.) how are we to know there is any positive element in this cultural movement?

Anonymous said...


It's like anything else, I think. Much of the reason that culture looks so bad is that television and the media market the most explicit and simple-minded stuff? Why? Because they've dictated that that is what people want. I don't know that we're as dumb and venal a species or a country as that cynical perspective would suggest. But, that's the current calculus. How do you solve that? You can only do meaningful stuff locally.

My advice: You're a parent. Make sure your child looks for the best material in whatever they are engaged in. I wouldn't dismiss hip-hop out of hand if your son/daughter likes it. Just listen to the lyrics. If you steer them the right way, they'll find the good stuff that has positive messages and useful, thoughtful lyrics. It does indeed exist. If hip-hop has a unique saving grace, it is in its ability to narrate life and ideas in very concise ways. So, yes, keep your kid (or any kid) off BET. But I'd be aware that when you check out your kids' albums/iTunes collections that there might be some stuff that's surprisingly good.

Anonymous said...

I'd also add that the general problem of the media is squarely in our hands. I don't know that boycotts or anything are effective as the companies can simply call it the work of cranks. I think that one thing entertainment (and business in general) understands is to copy models that show high-growth.
These idiots are afraid of challenging, intelligent work because they can't see money in it. One day, and soon, some people will turn the model on its head and find ways to take advantage of the values and intellect of the public. When that happens, industry changes. The Invisible Hand at work!

MOV said...

You all need to listen to Kayne West. He sums it up nicely:

"Cause they make us hate ourself and love they wealth
That's why shortys hollering "where the ballas' at?"
Drug dealer buy Jordans, crackhead buy crack
And a white man get paid off of all of that"

Tiny said...

MOV, nice..he sure is a great role model with a great message for the black youth! It's not your fault and regardless the white man will benefit from your suffering.