Monday, January 09, 2006

Haters of America and Freedom

You must be kidding me! my ideal world Belafonte should be the target of NSA eavesdropping! Do people like Belafonte and Glover actually do any homework on the dictators (Castro, Chavez, etc.) they love to meet with, idolize and adore? I suppose they will say the mountain of examples of evil and disregard for their people, and their freedom, is all fakery by those who oppose these leaders. Belafonte say Bush is "the greatest terrorist in the world" and I guess by comparison Castro and Chavez are humanitarians! Is this a case of dementia?

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Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty interesting that Belafonte can call Bush the "Greatest Terrorist In The World", but if he happened to say that about Chavez...guess what?

In late March 2005, the Chávez government passed a series of media regulations that criminalized broadcasted libel and slander directed against public officials; prison sentences of up to 40 months for serious instances of character defamation launched against Chávez and other officials were enacted.

They may hate the administration, but at least they can voice that opinion without being thrown in the slammer.