Thursday, January 05, 2006

Warp Speed Mr. Scott!

I found this item on about a "hyperspace" engine, ok a theoretical engine, that would essentially enable what Star Trek fans call "warp speed". Of course healthy skepticism is warranted but if you don't challenge barriers it's unlikely they will fall accidentally. The short description of this theoretical craft is one that could create an enormously powerful magnetic field (around the craft) which allows the craft to slip into another dimension where the speed of light is faster. You could travel at sub-light speed in this other dimension which would equate to faster than light speed in ours. So do other dimensions exist?

The emergence of superstring theory proves, or more accurately put requires, a universe with 10 dimensions. Well, at least there is mathematical proof in the minds of the very few who understand the freaky math used in this research. For most a simple integral (basic calculus) is hard to grasp but the multidimensional math used in superstring theory is hard even for those who "say" they understand it to describe. Equations are used to describe the 6 dimensional Calabi-Yau shape (named for the two mathematicians who did the math) to which you add the 3 dimensions we all are familiar with, along with the dimension of time makes 10. While a lot of the math and physics behind these theories is "out there" the biggest challenge, I suspect, would be to create a powerful enough magnetic field around a craft...maybe a flux capacitor is in our future after all!

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