Monday, January 09, 2006

Single Issue Democrats!

As we start the confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito this morning I predict his confirmation will not come without some Democrats looking like single issue demagogues. The abortion topic is surely one of the most polarizing for all. I believe that Democrats who harp on abortion and their theory on Alito's personal opinions (which are not the same as his rulings or interpretation of the law!!!!) do so not because their strong beliefs but in order to play on the emotions of the populace for political advantage. The paper trail on Alito's judicial career is vast and unless a Senator presents examples that clearly show incorrect application of the law in favor of personal bias they don't have a logic case for opposition. The typical MSM Democrat darlings (Schumar, Feinstein) were giving the predictable sound bites this weekend. While they pretend that they are concerned about Alito's position on: presidential powers, his 20 yr old application for deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department, a case involving strip search of a mother and daughter and machine gun was clear from watching Schu-stein the vitriol was evident when Roe v. Wade came up. The NYTimes a hit piece on Alito this weekend and of course their case is made by being incomplete. Professor Bainbridge does a good job demonstrating that point. But the bottom line is MOST Americans are not single issue devotee's and yet for political advantage both sides play the game as if single issues define people. We do not live and die under the specter of abortion. There is also no evidence, I have seen, to show that the President or members of the Senate/House have an agenda to overthrow Roe. Yes, plenty don't like Roe but that's a far cry from actively trying to nullify it, which doesn't make abortion illegal as many will imply.

Just my own 44 years of observation, but I find it fascinating that nearly all liberals I have met that support abortion with tremendous passion (and today's environment supports very late term abortion) are also passionately against capital punishment. How they justify putting an undeniably innocent unborn child to death while opposing it for convicted and mostly poor excuses for human beings is beyond me. Oh, but of course all those on death row are innocent or have "changed"!

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andy said...

Hmmm, I support abortion rights (although I'm against third trimester abortions unles the mother's life is in danger) and I'm against the death penalthy in practice but not principle (that is, I think it's a just punishment, but I don't think the system is reliable enough to distribute it properly).

But then again, I've never been a black/white type of thinker.