Friday, January 06, 2006

Meet supporters of the US Iraq strategy

I'm not surprised that Al-Qaida's No. 2 man Ayman al-Zawahri has now come out calling the US's recent public announcements on troop level draw down in Iraq a victory. Regardless of whether you think we should have ever gone into Iraq to leave it a breeding ground for Islamic extremists can't be an option. Bush and team are screwing up big time by talking about, or implementing, a strategy that has a timeline component versus measured progress. The left, who started the pull-out drum beat, will have American blood spilled on our soil on their hands if we don't finish the job...they have unfortunately pulled what was once a right thinking administration into their delusion.


MOV said...

>> Bush and team are screwing up big time

Oh, so they're only *NOW* screwing up in your mind?

And why shouldn't the insurgents claim victory? It's obvious that this change in tact is a result of the increased public pressure to pull out which is in turn the result of the insurgents continually killing american troops!

Tiny said...

I pointed out one thing Bush and team is srewing up.....unlike you (apparently) I don't label Bush (or even say Nancy Peloci) as screwing up in general or all the time. Even those whose ideology I don't agree with do things I like or have positions I agree with. But it is patently obvious many liberals can't say they about Bush...they will disagree and be critical of things he does that if one their own was behind they would support.

Anonymous said...

mov you are without a doubt the poster person for what is fundamentally wrong with the left in this country. Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, the Iraqi's are now reaching a level of competency in which their military is ready to take over their countries protection? That our gallant soldiers who gave their lives to rid this country of a brutal dictator, did not die in vein.

Your problem seems to be that you don't understand that people who enlist, and yes this still is an all volunteer military, understand that they may be put into harms way. When you raise your right hand and take that oath the possibility exists whether you ever think that time will come or not. American troops die in combat. But I guess you would rather have innocent American civilians dieing on our soil because of whatever f'd up political point of view you have.

You probably would have bitched and complained in the late 1930's if we had sent troops to Germany to take out Hitler.