Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dean=defeat in 2008?

Many conservatives relish the idea of primal screamer Howard Dean becoming the new Chairman of the DNC since they assume he's a liability and will turn off centrist or right leaning Dems...I'm not sure, except that if Dean keeps going the way he is they may be right. Over the weekend at some lefty gathering Dean apparently said "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for." A common theme running thru many of my posts, especially prior to the elections, is the vitriolic nature of Democrats....while they don't have a monopoly on this they, in my observation, have this problem far more than Republicans. I've been conservative ever since I could vote (which I did for the first time 25 years ago) and don't recall a more widespread and nasty hatred of a candidate by a party until the 2004 campaign. I have been a political junky only for about 10 years and many of my friends and family are conservative like me....I recall no such "hatred" among us towards Clinton for example. If this sick obsessive hatred toward the right continues the left is doomed.

Taranto's WSJ best of the web today points to blogger Steve Merryman who observed:

Bush-Hatred is like porn for Liberals.

Like porn of the flesh, it's the thrill of political extremes that titlllates the Left. In this political peep show, our president is not merely misguided; he's "deranged." He's not simply striving for an unattainable goal; he's a "boy in a bubble" acting with "callow hubris."

Just as porn appeals to the desire to flaunt societal convention, those on the left must feel great excitement in spewing their sweaty conspiracies, the wackier the better. Nothing is too sinister for this president to attempt. There is no taboo of political discourse the Left is not willing to trample in their need to satisfy their desire. This is the tawdry atmosphere in which it is acceptable, even encouraged, to write such things as "Full blown civil war, if it comes to that, will serve Bush's purpose, too. All the better if Syria and Iran leap into the fray . . ." and "The only meaning 'freedom' can have in Iraq right now is freedom from the US occupation . . ." Addiction to porn can render one incapable of engaging in real relationships. One wonders if the left can put such sordid obsessions aside and enter into a real conversation with the American people ever again.

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