Monday, February 14, 2005

Global Left......history isn't on their side

Not exactly the theme of this nice piece by Hanson of the NRO titled "The Global Throng", but it's one take away for me. Not that every American effort that is owned by a conservative is successful but Hanson does a nice job highlighting many examples that the angry global left denounced at every turn. You'll note that as the doom and gloom always predicted by the left didn't materialize they would just shift their next negative prediction to the next phase of success. I think there is a lot more to this "teeth gnashing" in the form of pure jealousy than Hanson suggests. The American left can be explained a number of ways, but I think the global left is jealous of America's power and wealth. The jealousy becomes blind (and then illogical) for the global left because of a intellectual superiority delusion they have. It's makes them crazy that Bush and those who voted for him are stupid because of the caricature they have of those voters. They believe that Americans are sheep, easily led by Bush into anything. They think beer, chili, Nascar, Baseball, BBQ, Country Music and religion all represent mindless followers. It drives them nuts that America is led by and full of bumbling morons. How can these dolts be the core of most powerful, inventive and successful country on earth?

It's also interesting how the local American left has (or attempted to make) the rest of the world thinking a bunch of bible thumpers make up the Republican party. Its also amazing that during the 2004 campaign the left manage to create a position that believing in god, worshiping and having it be an important part of your life was somehow weird, scary and so on. Give me a was bad. This exposes the lefts political leaders for the charlatans they are. You'll see Hillary Clinton along with the entire DNC crowd making an effort to embrace religion and those who base their core values on their faith as we move towards the next elections. The left not understanding that those who love American culture and embrace it can see thru the charade will be the undoing of this strategy as well.

Kudos to the anonymous commenter on my Questions For Leftist Wackos..... post who pointed out this piece on NRO.

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