Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Pro-life, Pro-abortion Babble!

I didn't really plan on posting twice today, but Taranto's re-print of a part of the discussion between Tim Russert and John Kerry on Meet the Press Sunday is just too humorous. I should point out this is the kind of nonsense and illogical babble that the media would have gone nuts over if it was Bush and not Kerry who spewed this crap....for you Kerry voters....really read this and tell me if the leader of the most powerful nation in the free world should be a F'ing fence sitter on ANYTHING!!!!! Dialog from Meet the Press:

Russert: Why and how do you believe the Democrats can broaden the base with pro-life Democrats when the party seems to require down-the-line voting in terms of abortion rights?

Kerry: We have pro-life Democrats today. Harry Reid is a leader. He is pro-life. We have others who are pro-life. I think what I was saying, Tim, is that, you know, you can't be doctrinarian [sic in transcript] negative against somebody simply because they have that position. There's more to it. Now, does that change the position of the Democratic Party in defending the right to choose? No, absolutely not. Not in the least.

But you can't be--I mean, let me put it this way. Too many people in America believe that if you are pro-choice that means pro-abortion. It doesn't. I don't want abortion. Abortion should be the rarest thing in the world. I am actually personally opposed to abortion. But I don't believe that I have a right to take what is an article of faith to me and legislate it to other people. That's not how it works in America.

So you have to have room to be able to talk about these things in a rational way. We also need--I mean, I thought Hillary gave a good speech the other way in which she talked about the need--and many of us have talked about this for a long period of time. The discussion is not about being pro-abortion. The discussion is about how you truly value life. Valuing life is also valuing choice. Valuing life is the exception for the life of a mother or rape or incest. I mean, there are all kinds of values here.

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