Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Should 3 year olds be learning about gay parents?

Hell No! But apparently the folks over at PBS think so. Why, I have no clue. The vehicle they chose was a show my 3 yr old daughter watches on occasion called Arthur. An entire series of Arthur episodes coined the "postcard" series has one of Arthur's friends named Buster (who is a bunny) meet Muslims, Christians, Jews, Mormons, African-Americans, Norwegian-Americans, Latinos and cloggers...and a lesbian couple and their children. The U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings tried to stop that episode from airing although it supposedly did today on KQED in SF. I don't know that Spellings should have stopped that episode, but I do know I don't want PBS (who some of my tax dollars support) putting out any childrens programming that deals with gay or human sexuality AT ALL.

This of course is done under the label of "teaching tolerance" but that's BS. This is an effort to promote to 3-5 yr olds (the audience of this show) that kids having parents that are of the same sex is normal. The other episodes that show ethnic and religiously diverse families is fine. But 3-5 yr olds have no business even trying to understand the existence of homosexuals! Kids aren't born being intolerant of anyone and its not for anybody but the parents to educate them on these matters. If a child happens to even become aware that a friend has 2 parents of the same sex and it comes up, the parents are the ones to deal with this. And if a parent believes gay relations are in fact a sin, not normal, strange, etc...that's their business. I know some of you can't believe you can teach a child that and at the same time be good decent people who also can be tolerant...but that's because you are in fact not tolerant of those very people!

Tolerance is something all good people (liberal, conservative, god fearing, atheist, fat, thin, black, white, etc.) practice...but acceptance and approval of a lifestyle is not the same thing as tolerance. I don't hate someone because they're gay. They have every right and privilege I do....we need no special laws for them....equal treatment under the law already exists. To extend beyond that is without question to fall off the slippery slope. I can think of no argument for why its not ok for a man to have 6 wives, or 3 men to all be married to each other if its ok for just 2 of the same sex! Why only 2?

The gay lobby (I hear there is one) has this all wrong...they think that a 5 yr old on the play ground picks on the kid who has 2 mommies and no daddy because nobody gave him tolerance training? Wrong, they do it because either they don't understand it or because a parent told them it was strange, wrong, a sin or whatever. BUT IT'S NOT YOUR JOB TO EXPLAIN IT TO THEM. I have a child in Kindergarten and have plenty of nieces and nephews all spread from k-8 in Bay Area schools. I haven't heard of any epidemic of kids even being aware of any fellow students who have gay parents let alone an issue with teasing those kids. I can't speak for what goes on in high schools, but it doesn't matter. So why do gays want material to be hitting this age group? Why? Show me some data that there is a problem with kids anywhere close to this age! It is very clear that they want to spread the idea with kids that this is normal. They have a right to do whatever they want but his isn't something the schools or government owns or that most will tolerate in main stream media...the parent owns it. I know I can turn off PBS, but my tax dollars also support it. If my tax dollars can't support my childs private catholic school then they damn well better not support any gay lifestyle material period! If you mess with the kids of someone who doesn't like you or your agenda, boy watch will be in the crosshairs for sure if you weren't already!

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