Monday, February 07, 2005

One way America can be stronger!

It's interesting how some people see things in polar opposite ways. Those who are completely dismayed by Bush's reelection are "supposedly" going to move to Canada. Why? Well as one put it "America is turning into a country very different from the one I grew up believing in". While I'm only 43 I would agree with part of this statement. Growing up in the 60's it was simpler, safer and more idealistic. But here's where I'm confused by these wanna-be-Canadians who also say "tolerance, compassion and peaceful idealism they felt once defined the nation". Really? So you think that the country as a whole and/or the government was more tolerant? Compassionate? Of whom and what? This seems like it's micro-focused statement on Gays or some other group like Muslims! As a whole there is no question that people are more tolerant of what I just label alternative lifestyles. That doesn't mean the accept or approve. However, in an effort to make it safer here at home in the wake of 9/11 law enforcement should be more busy in looking at what people are doing and have the right to do so. If the FBI wants to be alerted when someone buys certain bulk items, or rents a group of trucks, etc...I'm just fine if they know and even if they then get a judge to agree to more invasive surveillance. You can argue that's overstepping some freedom, but I say bulls***.

This is where I pick apart this idea of "peaceful idealism". Liberals have their heads in the sand to think that everyone who either wants to kill us because we are not like them, or because we pissed off in some way in the past can all be pacified by "peaceful idealism". Global peace and co-existence while ideal isn't rooted in least not for a while. I'm not willing to have a bunch of peacenik borderline communists put my families life in jeopardy because we might embarrass a person of middle-eastern decent by prying into their life a bit....or because they think airport lines and searches are inconvenient.

So look, you don't like the way something works then use our system to invoke change....or you can go to Canada or some other place where the system isn't as comprehensive as our in terms of citizen participation and effect....but just don't threaten to go...get the hell out of here now, and we WILL be stronger upon your departure!

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Ryan M Scott said...

I would just love it if all those people who promised to leave would go, they can see how much better Canada is. And Michael Moore really seems to be so anti-America that he should move to Iran, I'm sure they would love him there. He would have a great market for his propaganda there...