Saturday, February 12, 2005

Natural Selection

If you watch the press releases and news conferences of researches and medical organizations that work on AIDS and HIV you will see a common make it sound like some new discovery or statistic is something the general public should be concerned about! The demographic of those responsible for spreading the vast majority these killer conditions is made clear by the very people who continually try to sound the alarm for all of us. Somehow those of us who don't engage in unprotected sex, promiscuous behavior that is still not all that unusual in the gay community and/or needle drug use should be concerned about this? Why? I'll give those who have spent years trying to make the high risk communities aware of the dangers and how to protect yourself a lot of credit...but you know what...I'm sick and tired of seeing this issue portrait as a major health concern. IT ISN'T. The majority of population has an ethical or moral core that takes them completely out of the picture. This is preventable for every person who wants to avoid it. In the end this is just natural selection at work...that may be a cruel way to look at it but I'm not interested in spending brain cycles or tax money on those who don't want to be saved.

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