Monday, January 31, 2005

Half Empty SOB's

You know, what the hell is wrong with people! The Iraqi vote is a perfect situation to see bias, inappropriate mean spirited hoping for failure bias, in action. Just look at the various media and news sources...some talk about the positive step this is for a nation, the great quotes from Iraqis coming out of the voting booth, the positive feelings they now have along with different attitude towards the insurgents and those who think democracy has no place in this part of the world. AND THEN, there are those who just have to spin it negative. Oh sure this is great, but blah, blah, blah. Who is the biggest offender today? None other than John Kerry.

Un-f'ing believable! Gee, way to spread the spirit of democracy John! People having a voice in their own future when previous they mostly just feared for the lives and expected no future is huge! It's contagious, it can make others in the region believe that dramatic change can also happen for them. Most of all if people believe they have a future, one that can be prosperous and safe for generations to come...they will in fact die to get it and protect it...that's the real trick and that's what will also result in US and the brits pulling out.

So, when Kerry's says this is "significant" and "important" but said they should not be "overhyped" that is just flat out wrong and I believe an unforgivable political stance and nothing more. It is clear to me that in fact what the region, the world, needs is for us to HPYE the hell out of this. The hype should be: Do you live under an evil dictator, under a murdering regime? You to can destroy and remove the evil and employ a system of choice and free will! It's called democracy, give it try!

More evidence of success haters for political gain....of course Pelosi is in this camp....but the Bush haters will now do what Dem Senator Harry Reid did....he doesn't acknowledge the tremendous step that just took place in Iraq for what it really is and then says the president must give timelines, dates and such. It will be easy to say "see, we didn't reduce troop levels to 50k by June of 06' like Bush said". jackass! How about this quote from Reid: "It's time that America stood tall again as the real superpower that we are; time that we led the world on dealing with these terrible threats and building a durable peace instead of just hanging back and letting others show the way." Ah, excuse me Harry, ah can you point me to another leader who has helped spread democracy more than Bush in the last 2 years? Or another world leader who has shown they're dedicated to destroying those who would destroy us more than Bush? Who is leading, showing the way while Bush has been hanging back?

Like I said in a previous post...we are going to stir up the trouble makers to act because their existence requires that we tolerate their existence. Bush has his faults and isn't the most eloquent (although Peloci's ABC's comment is incredibly disrespectful) but he won't tolerate their existence and scares the crap out of our enemies. Those who would kill us have no choice but to try and appeal to the Kerry's, Reid's and Peloci's and those who agree with them in America by stepping up their terror...because if the majority feel like Bush and me they're toast!

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