Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ashamed to be American? LEAVE!!!!!

I find it interesting all the leftist who are so ashamed for someone here or abroad to think they may have either voted for Bush or agree with anything he does. Do you recall all the Clinton scandals and how strongly those on the right felt he had no morals, no ethics, and couldn't be trusted? Did you see these right wingers wearing bracelets or shirts to make sure their feelings on this were thrust into your face or to make sure you knew they didn't vote for him? Did they organize to try and influence the entire country to not spend a single dollar, on anything, on inauguration day as a protest? Of course not! But that's what's going on with the left! They want you to know as they pass you by on the street that Bush is not their president with a bracelet.....others are asking you not to spend a red cent on that day! Great idea, hurting the economy is really going to galvanize people to your cause. This is like the idiots who mess up traffic on SF streets or bridges...all this form of "civil disobedience" does is move people further from your view and ensures they detest whomever the group is that organized the stunt. Fortunately the no-spend group called have, at best, about 1/10th the number of people who visit just one of the 20 super malls here in the Bay Area participating in their protest...and that's for the entire US!!! Hahahaha...IDIOTS!!!!

But really what I would like to encourage is self exile for these fools. There is no logical argument for being unsupportive of a president across the board, or for being embarrassed to be an American. If you no longer feel proud to be an American, or you're not an American first above all else, regardless of our missteps or mistakes, then you're not a patriot and you should give away all your US based possessions to UNICEF (another joke of a charity by the way) and get the hell out. If you contact me I will personally pay for your airfare....I have form you must fill out denouncing your citizenship, but that shouldn't be hard for you to do!

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Anonymous said...

Let's send the non-Americans to Iran and let's turn it into a parking lot.