Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Jew Hating Duke!

First.....hahahaha...did you think I was serious with that last post? No forking way I'm going to do a bunch of mushy raw raw happy posts...we got some f'd up people and situations and we need to start kicking some ass! A good place to start is Duke University....this falls under the category of "you have to be f'ing kidding me"! Check this op/ed by a two Duke PHD candidates in the WSJ. I can't imagine, even for a second, how the president of Duke can with a straight face defend this obvious duplicity. I don't care about free speech....when you run an organization that can choose to help, or not, a group who is stupid, hateful, evil and dangerous grow some BALLS and tell them to go F themselves. When you defend your support for their using university facilities as demonstrating "the importance of the principle of free expression" you either have no boys hanging down there or you sympathize with those in question!

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