Tuesday, January 04, 2005

What to do?

After some time off from plunking my thoughts on political topics in this blog, along with the new year and the obligatory resolutions I always say I'm not going to make, I'm trying to decide what to do! Getting all fired up about the obvious media bias, the whining dems, the politically correct strangle hold on the country, et al is just too exhausting. I'm thinking of mixing up my rants and throwing in a few raves....we could use more positive thinking. Sh*t, there I go again, now I have yet another resolution....post more positive material. So let's see..no drinking M-Th, don't eat 5k calories for lunch, work out more regularly (get my bench press back into the 400lbs range--that's right Mike!), be in a better mood after work (which really means be the happy joking tickling dad and husband my family loves), and post upbeat material to my blog. Great I now know what to do.....hmmm....its going to be hard to switch gears.....don't expect miracles from my next post, but it will be different.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget the 34" waist and the single digit handicap.