Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Starting with the Left Foot

As the Democrats step into the power position in the new Congress we are about to see what they're made of. An incoming comment from Pelosi was "Democrats are prepared to govern and ready to lead". We shall see, and hope!

I'm not suggesting that a Republican majority has previously, or would have this time, had a better set of initial priorities but terrorism, and our security, are de-emphasized with the Democrats.

Wow...nicely done Nancy and friends...lets take those one at a time:

Ethics: Sure, fine..but how first not allowing an ethically challenge John Conyers to assume the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee.

Minimum Wage: Oh, great idea...the never ending attempt by liberals to redistribute wealth and encourage those who don't strive to make something better of themselves. Minimum wage jobs shouldn't support a family. These are the jobs that should be done by high school teenagers and college students.

Stem Cells: That's on the top of every concerned American's list...way to go!

Student Loans: Ya, great....heaven forbid we create an environment where Universities lower tuition and aren't lining their pockets on ever increasing endowments....let's instead have all of us in the top 3%, who pay 97% of the IRS revenues, pay for everyone to go to college. These student loan holders need a break...it's a big issue for this country! :) .I suspect this is on the list because the first wave of those with serious student loans balances are coming of age (40-ish). If you're sitting on a student loan you should pay it off and at a market interest rate...you knew what you were doing when you got that loan. You could have always looked for a school with a lower tuition. How anybody would include this in a short list of important first-do issues is beyond me!

The media and liberal talking heads in this country have done a fantastic job keeping the disaster of Iraq in the headlines. The public has become numb to the actual reality of Islamic extremists the world over. The over exposure of our efforts in Iraq have somehow erased the threat of terrorism from the consciousness of Liberals and plenty of Conservatives. God help us!

It's also interesting that the Democrats say on day two they will look at rules changes requiring that new spending or tax cuts be paid for.....so apparently they believe that every single government program is sacred, appropriate and efficiently run....the dollars spent must be the same no matter what? They apparently still don't get that the IRS gets more revenue when both personal, and corporate, tax rules and rates promote the movement (spending) of money.

The Democrats are making a priority of frivolous and bank breaking agenda items that are popular with those who are more socialist than American. Look at John Edward's statement of this week that it's more important to invest in universal health care and lifting people out of poverty than to reduce the budget deficit.

Many liberals rightfully pointed out the deficit increases under Republican leadership, but now that the elections are done with they put that leftist foot forward on a path to bankrupt this country...of course if we drop the ball on our security it won't matter.

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