Wednesday, January 31, 2007

F*** YOU William Arkin

Today I read the most un-American illogical asswipe bile I've ever seen in a main stream publication. William Arkin posted an opinion piece on the Washington Post website and I believe it was also printed in the LA Times that has my blood boiling. I can barely contain myself.

The best response to this crap is by Uncle Jimbo at BlackFive, a great milblog you should visit frequently.

You just need to read this stuff...If I try to explain it I'll be typing expletives every other word.

I'll leave with the very first comment little-dick Arkin's post on the Wapo site:

Too much estrogen in your diet Mr. Arkin? Called a pussy too often as a little boy? Little girls tormented you and made you play house? Did you land on your head one to many times as a toddler? The only explanation for such unadulterated crap is Penis envy because he does not have one, and cranialintrarectum from falling on his head.

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