Friday, January 12, 2007

Can Democrat women get away with murder?

Could you imagine the media firestorm if President Bush had initiated an organized work stoppage for himself and a large number of his staff in order to watch a college football game? Or how about if he somehow used the fact that a female Democrat was single and childless as part of an argument that she had less in the game in discussing military matters? Or replace Bush for any Republican in this hypothetical and how would the media react? However, if it's Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer you essentially get a pass from the media.

Pelosi and her fellow "we're not business as usual" Democrats decided the business of the people was less important than a college football game and let themselves off work. I'm sure millions of fireman, policeman, postal workers, auto workers, you, me and every other American would have liked their boss to say "hey, what are you doing here? Hit the nearest bar and watch the BCS championship game on me!". Then there's Pelosi's funny new calendar math. She and her party made a big deal of what they were going to do in the first 100 hours of the new congress, but apparently she's only counting "legislative hours" whatever that means.

Worse was Boxer's pathetic exchange with Secretary of State Rice over the Iraq war during an appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Boxer indirectly, but with clear meaning, made the point to Rice that she couldn't understand the price of war being single and childless. There is a 100% certainty that the media and members of the Democratic Party would be in an uproar demanding apologies and resignation if a Republican lawmaker had done this.

And yet, the MSM is relatively silent. Google searches on both of these stories (at the time of my post) shows little coverage and no outrage...the hypocrisy of the media, and of Democrats, to not demand high standards of Democrats is laughable in the wake of the rhetoric in this last election.

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