Saturday, January 06, 2007

Rewarding Law Breakers - illegal aliens

I wouldn't have believed it if someone had told me. It couldn't be true that Bush and our government would create a way (is it a law or not?) that an illegal alien who, thru some mechanism, becomes legal would be able to count their time as an illegal towards Social Security benefits. WHAT?

Wait it gets better...and we reached this so called "agreement" with Mexico. WHAT?

I can't explain this complete and total lunacy. Has everyone lost their mind. I see no logical reason, no argument even using fairness as a guide that would bring one to such an idea.

We should be eliminating, and not creating, ways by which those who break the law actually get some benefit for doing so. Sometime in 2006 I heard another lame brain idea related to converting illegals to legal status. You would pay a fine, and would have to pay back taxes....but if you were here illegally for 5 years you would only have to pay back taxes for 2 of them!

Can you imagine if a citizen was given the option of only paying taxes against 2 years out of any 5 year period? Or if you could just say I realize you weren't aware of it, but I was working for 10 years where I didn't make FICA contributions but now I want credit as if I did? This makes total sense....TO LAW BREAKERS!

Our laws are to protect those who follow them and punish those who don't. This is ass-backwards.

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