Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fact Nazi - The Global Warming non-debate

Instead of an honest Global Warming debate what we are seeing lately is the equivalent of the Seinfeld show soup Nazi "No Soup For You". Unfortunately most of the general public swallows whole what the media, politicians and entertainers fling at them. Well, let's qualify that....that is if they already agree with the idea being flung. After all, if for whatever reason, you want something to be true why bother considering information that contradicts your "convenient truth".

I can give you many examples of how those on the left suffer from this affliction far more than those on the right. You can find them easily enough if you're willing to be intellectually honest, but I'll stick to global warming for now. People unwilling to do any reading, any research beyond a movie or the last newspaper they read, assume those of us who challenge man's participation in warming don't care about the environment or just want to protect big oil. You know, Bush was in oil, his buddies are in oil, so we are all blindly against anything that might be bad for big oil!

It's funny, the left likes to portray the right as being intolerant...uh, HELLO, anybody paying attention here? This week we saw the unhinged attitude towards debate, and facts, displayed by an intolerant on air personality on the Weather Channel, a Dr. Heidi Cullen. You see Heidi thinks the American Meteorological Society should pull their certification from weatherman "who expresses skepticism that human activity is creating a climate catastrophe". Note that Heidi's show, The Climate Code, on the Weather Channel is all about global warming. Some good reading on Heidi's intolerant "no facts for you" story, links to official Weather Channel response, and debate are here!

Apparently Al Gore also runs from debate and from considering all the facts. Al's version of "no facts for you" is the omission of facts, as well as exaggeration bordering on fabrication, in his one sided movie. I've read many reviews of Al's movie, and also heard the "moving" reaction to its message from family and friends. Why is it they, you, anybody assumes the movies content is factual? Why is it an indisputable fact and not a theory that human, versus natures, created green house gases have caused warming in the last several decades?

Read the link's not a very long's just one example of a very reasoned and tolerant skepitism in this debate. If you're not willing to research and refute credible information that conflicts with your position, well then, what kind of position do you have? So instead, those who can't deal with ALL the facts put there blinders on and compare people like me to Holocaust Deniers! Other than Bush-disdainia or big oil=Republican connection I don't see why man's role in global warming is a political issue. But it seems that those on the left are lining up with the side that doesn't want to consider all facts, or have honest debate, or embrace free speech that conflicts with their ideology.

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