Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gelato consumption enhances suicide risk

Most of the public suffers from reading a book by its cover. If you read that a researcher, a scientist, a medical doctor or academic has done a study and made a conclusion you will assume, like most, that's it's credible and logical.

It's simply not the case...nearly all research is funded on the premise of bias. A theory is put forward in order for those who approve the research to give a nod...or in order to get a grant. Those who give the nod, or write the checks, are addicts and their drug these days is anything Global Warming.

Take for example Global warming possibly linked to an enhanced risk of suicide! While this link is only to the abstract of this study you don't need to purchase the full study to see the absence of the link it claims. The Department of Psychology, University of Cagliari, Italy and the Genneruxi Medical Center also in Cagliari, Italy "sets out to explore the impact of global warming on suicide mortality, using data from Italy." Of course that there is global warming, and not just cyclic weather patterns, is put forward as a certainty. This pseudo linkage is a silly attempt to blame anything bad and terrible to global warming.

We shouldn't question these academics, after all they looked at suicide and temperature data, for Italy, and the "relation between them was investigated using the Gaussian low-pass filter, linear correlation analysis and rank analysis." Oh, very impressive. I'm no statistician, but I was a math major and I was an electrical design engineer early in my career. Gaussian low-pass filters are common in signal processing but not in statistical analysis....I couldn't even find a reference where Gaussian filters, which smooth not so smooth data, are used for statistics.

As for the other methods...sure those are fine....but a statistical correlation of data from two systems doesn't make them linked in just says there data behaves similarly, when one goes up the other does as well. It could be that Italy sees more summertime suicides because the weather is conducive to people venturing out of doors thus leaving those who are depressed alone more than in the cold of winter. Lot's of things happen in summertime that don't happen in winter, so would you conclude that Gelato consumption also enhances the risk of suicide? You might as well say everything that increases in the summertime is caused by global warming, or by anything else on the list of increasing summertime things! What a joke!

Also interesting....that on Drudge today there's news of a coming U.N. climate report that will "shock the world"....this at the same time that weather news around the globe has winter in full swing just where it should be....with record lows, record snow fall, and so on.

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