Tuesday, December 26, 2006

ACLU hates America

Who supports the ACLU anymore? Who exactly still donates to this America hating organization. Please try to find one sane, good or anything that puts America first they do or have done in years!

There have been endless examples of how the ACLU will file a lawsuit on behalf of gays, any liberal organization, anybody not white...and sadly, if you just took that exact same situation that got the ACLU to come a running for these groups and instead have it involve a heterosexual, a conservative group or a white person and suddenly they're nowhere to be found.

This is one of the most biased political groups in this country...their agenda has always been very transparent..and yet they somehow they have enough funds to continue with their overtly hypocritical legal terrorism (I like that label). I suspect it's because most who send a check to the ACLU just assume they do mostly good and mostly take the side the giver would take. I suspect those who donate just don't do their homework.

Since the issue of illegal immigration isn't just a conservative issue, I'm sure many who have supported the ACLU would not like their attempt at challenging an ordinance recently passed in a suburb of Dallas that makes it illegal to rent housing to an illegal alien. Also "The City Council also approved resolutions making English the city's official language and allowing authorities to become part of a federal program so they can enforce immigration laws. "

If you know anything about the ACLU you will know the "English only" crowd (which I belong to) also gets the ACLU all up in arms.

The ACLU pathetically claims this is about landlords not having to enforce the laws..and that the federal government should do this...what a joke...the local and state police should do it...but just as an employer MUST verify the legal right of an employee to work via a Federal I-9 form, so should landlords and probably a lot of other service providers. This is all about the ACLU's un-American stance where the individual (citizen or not) is number one. In their view the good of the whole be damned, the right of each and every individual no matter who they are or what they're doing trumps the greater good of the overall population....well except if your conservative...then they have no interest.

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