Thursday, December 21, 2006

Miss Piggy vs. Comb-over Boy

I must say, I'm thoroughly enjoying the war of words that Rosie O'Donnell and "the Donald" are engaged's clearly better than any show either have or will be a part of. Rosie started it by asking about Donald's moral authority being questionable as he decided not to fire the current Miss USA for partying. Rosie doesn't get that her questioning Donald's morality over his several marriages and alleged affairs would be more appropriate if he fired the young women who currently holds the Miss USA is he acting like a moral judge when he gives her another chance?

Anyway Rosie added stuff about Donald supposedly filing bankruptcy several times, having a bad come over, blah, blah.....the the funny part...Donald fires back "she's out of control", "she's ugly", "not very bright", failed shows, magazines, nobody likes her, etc...and he said it wasn't true that his father left him a fortune or that he ever has filed for bankruptcy...oh, and he is suing her and he looks forward to enjoying suing her....hahaha...great stuff.

When Donald shot a over the bow that Rosie should watch out as he can send a friend over and steal away Rosie's girlfriend...her return shot was something like she's not worried about a guy with a come-over getting her girl. Ya, well I hate to tell you Rosie, but Donald's comb-over is looking a lot better than your mug the press is using these in point the one I used from AOL's TMZ site! When I look at that pic I find my self doing that yuh-yuh-yuh thing that Schemp from the Three Stooges always did!

Then I found a link to Rosie's blog...she puts a bunch of history of Donald's supposed financial problems on her blog straight from wikipedia! Too funny...Rosie probably thinks she's untouchable for defamation, or damages, because after all she's just echoed information she found on an official encyclopedia that is factual! WOOOPS...sorry Rosie, wikipedia is an open source information site that may be accurate but can also be as reliable as a recipe you find on someones MySpace page!

I don't know if Donald ever filed for bankruptcy, but if he didn't and Rosie was relying on wikipedia she's in for a rude awakening! Check out wikipedia's tag line "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit."

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