Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Danny Partridge-Bonaduce

I always thought Danny Bonaduce, as an adult, was sort of a clown but in retrospect I think he's an actor who has been fighting type casting as a Partridge Family kid every since the 1970's.

How do you get a ton of new fans in a matter of a day or two? Be lucky enough to have a bozo 9/11 conspiracy idiot with a camcorder put your reaction to their lunatic ideas on YouTube! I don't believe this was staged and I liked Danny's reaction to the clown who interrupted his lunch.

Then John Gibson of Fox got him on the phone (sourced from hotair.com) and we see how bitter, militant and hypocritical the left fringes are when they give Danny, and even his young daughter, death threats for speaking in opposition to the hooey they believe in.................I'm now a fan of Danny Partridge-Bonaduce!

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