Thursday, April 27, 2006

Women are on special!

Consumers aren't stupid. If there are two McDonald's pretty close together (after all there is one about every half mile) and one sells a Big Mac for 77% of the price of the other we know who will get the traffic. If we know we get the same exact thing for less we will choose the cheaper price even if we give up customer service.

Business is no different. Do you think a smart consumer goes to work and becomes a stupid businessman? Of course not. So lets apply this concept to people, workers, employees! First you need to ask yourself this question. Are all people with the same degree, with the same number of years of experience, worth the same salary? If you answer yes you have never hired a person, owned a business, been responsible for a team or a multi-person project. But if you answered yes, please keep reading. Come on people..think about all those union labor jobs. Union's are great right? They make sure every single person who has 8 yrs experience swinging a hammer makes exactly the same. Do all people with 8 yrs of framing experience do the same work in 8 hours? Are as smart and so tackle tricky situations equally well? Get along with others and so contribute to all those around them also doing a great job equally? I could go on for hours. HELL NO....there is not a single job on this planet where the degree, the years of experience or their GENDER make them automatically equal value to the business.

So back to the business person. This is another filtering question. Do you think a hiring managers frequently hire a man over a women, who would appear to actually be better at the job, just because he's a man? Do you think hiring managers frequently hire a women and then low ball the salary because it's common knowledge women have no clue what they're worth? COME ON! What the hell is wrong with you? You have no clue do you? You hire the best person for the job, PERIOD. You pay market for the position! How do we know what market is? Because we hire all the time in places where we have operations...we get salary surveys for the exact job in our exact city from sources like Radford Surveys. We don't have diffferent numbers for men versus women! We pay within a range sure but we pay the absolute highest salary we can pay without leaving a person no headroom.

Most, not all, but most employers who will screw people for whatever reason (gender, race, looks) are screwing the employer! If the tone at the top all the way down to the lowest level hiring manager isn't hire the best person period...then it's a place you don't want to work anyway.

But hey let's say this goes on, frankly if a person doesn't know what a job should pay, or what they should get personally, then they deserve what they get. Nobody is holding a gun to your head to work there. If you think getting another job isn't possible then your limiting yourself and that's your problem and not mine.

Businesses worthy of your blood swet and teras the hire the best person. With each passing day that good employee becomes more and more valuable to you. Only an idiot would purposely screw an employee by paying them less than they should since they could be so easily woo'd away. It makes no sense, and it happens FAR less than advertised except in crap old companies that if you work for you deserve what you get. Any organized labor (union) related profession, well you're shit out F'ing get whatever the hell the guy next to you gets regardless of gender, race, religion and YES, HOW GOOD YOU ARE!

You're your own master...if you're a women and you're not getting what your worth go get another job. No two people are the same and no two people are worth the same in the same job. The jackass bitter women reporter who wrote this article, I'm sure, would be happy to make exactly the same as every other reporter with the same degree and experience in her city. Because, of course, they each would write equally well, write the exact same number of pieces, and would scoop the exact same number of stories of equal news worthyness!


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