Monday, April 03, 2006

Inspiring our enemies!

If you don't think members of our own Congress, or House, speaking of impeachment and censor of our president hurts our efforts with the Muslim world think again. In most western countries you won't find bizarro freak show Richard Galloway being treated by the media like a serious geopolitical or international relations expert...but in the Arab world they eat up his bullshit. Just check this video I found on Powerline where he delivers a deranged diatribe condemning mostly America. There is no question that this fans the anti-American flames among the illiterate and illinformed Muslims. The media in that part of the world takes a page from the playbook of our own MSM and it has, or will, cost American lives I'm sure.

If we assume media outlets, such as Dhabi television, are in fact informed, literate and have access to the material that shows Galloway for what he is...then we see how truly diabolical it is to use him as an apparent western mouthpiece critical of the west. To the viewers they believe Galloway is part of the evil American-UK machine but who is a dissenter and speaks the evil truth. He affirms the propaganda they have been feed to hate us and he gives credibility to that message.

Where is a good special forces sniper when you need one?

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